2001 Animation Rig

Welcome to the Animation:Master 2001 Animation rig.

thom sneaking

This setup is provided to give people a jumpstart on animating their characters.
   It is also a great way to learn how to use constraint systems in AnimationMaster.

    What  the 2001 rig does

The 2001 rig is designed for animators, technical directors, and producers alike.
Even now, with faster computers, and killer software, its plain and simple:
Animation is hard.

  The 2001 rig will try to make it easier for you to set up your animations.
Hopefully, the concepts of the 2001 Rig are simple to learn and easy to adapt.

Setting  It Up for the First Time
Preparing The Rig for your animation style with drag on poses.

Applying the 2001 Rig to Your Models
The different animation controls of the setup

Adapting the Rig to your models.
Certain things you can do to place the 2001 setup on your mesh.

How the System Works
Constraints that make the system behave properly